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Functional Assessment 

Includes full assessment of the injured and affected areas, plus the development of a customized exercise program and treatment plan.  

Our registered physiotherapists will work with you to determine the root causes of your pain or injury, and get you started with a plan to help you get back to moving pain free.   

Functional Assessment PLUS

Includes full functional assessment (a customized exercise program, treatment plan), PLUS gait analysis. We film you while you walk and run, using our Kinovea biomechanical software. We identify specific areas that need correction, to help you optimize your movement and minimize the risk of pain and injury.

Functional Assessment PREMIUM 

Includes full functional assessment, ta customized exercise program, treatment plan, gait analysis, PLUS Vo2Max assessment.  Using our revolutionary PNOE cardiometabolic testing equipment, this gold standard measure of aerobic fitness allows us to measure your oxygen consumption while exercising, to help pinpoint the exact levels of oxygen used, and carbon dioxide produced during exercise, which we then use to help prescribe an exercise plan to meet all of your fitness goals.

Physiotherapy Treatement

Our customized physiotherapy treatments are tailored to your individual needs, including both passive and active care. Our traditional physiotherapy offers you a wide range of treatment methods in our clinic. Active care is also prescribed by your physiotherapist, and is conducted in our High Performance Centre, monitored by our training experts and coaches.  Choose from 30- or 60-minute treatment sessions. 


Massage Therapy
Functional Assessments
Customized Exercise Program
Performance Enhancement Package
Performance and Wellness Package
Concussion Baseline Testing
Gait Analysis
Custom Orthotic Bracing
Athletic Taping
Vo2 Max testing
For more information or inquire about one of the services please contact us at or call (905) -597-3555
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