The foundation of success is made of good health and fitness. Keep your foundation intact.

~ Dr. Richard Bucciarelli


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Returning Clients

Move Better Physiotherapy + Rehabilitation Centre™

Located in the Heart of the Speed Training Lab + High Performance Centre®

At Move Better Physiotherapy + Rehabilitation Centre™, we bridge the gap between high-level athletic performance and everyday mobility. Nestled within the dynamic environment of the Speed Training Lab + High Performance Centre®, our clinic stands as a beacon of excellence for both the athletic community and individuals seeking unparalleled physiotherapy care.

Who We Serve

Our doors are open to everyone – from the elite athletes fine-tuning their performance to the weekend warriors overcoming injuries, and to any individual looking to alleviate pain and improve their day-to-day movement. Our clientele encompasses professional athletes, youth competitors, and non-athletes alike, all receiving tailored treatments designed for their unique needs.

Our Specialties

We pride ourselves on our athletically-minded approach, coupled with our profound expertise in spinal injuries and a comprehensive range of conditions. Our team of expert sports physiotherapists, alongside skilled massage therapists, chiropractors, and chiropodists, deeply examine the root causes of your pain and injuries. Our aim? To ensure you achieve full recovery, regain optimal movement, and return to your sport, work, or daily activities swiftly and effectively.


My daughter has been training at Speed Training for approximately 6 months now. She has been working with Julian and Makayla. Both have helped her rebuild strength, agility and confidence in her return to sport post ACLR. In addition, she has seen Rakesh for physio treatments. He is the most thorough and knowledgeable clinician I […]

Stacy H – Google Reviews
Google Reviewer

The Physio at Speed Training is amazing. Rakesh is very professional, patient and really cares about his patients well-being. My 2 sons and I have been doing Physio at Speed Training with Rakesh for over 2 months now and what a difference. I would highly recommend going to see Rakesh. Thank you Rakesh!

Domenic P – Google Review
Physiotherapy Client

Why Choose us?

Choosing Move Better Physiotherapy + Rehabilitation Centre™ means opting for a clinic that goes beyond treatment. We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge and tools for recovery and future injury prevention. After thorough assessments, our physiotherapists provide detailed explanations of your condition, treatment options, and personalized care plans. This approach ensures you’re not only on the path to recovery but also equipped with the understanding and resources to maintain your health and prevent future injuries.

Our Goal

Our ultimate aim is to restore your movement, enhance your performance, and ensure your swift return to full activity. Leveraging the cutting-edge facilities of both the Speed Training Lab + High Performance Centre® and Move Better Physiotherapy + Rehabilitation Centre™, we are dedicated to providing top-tier care. Regardless of whether you’re an athlete or someone who’s striving for a pain-free life, our commitment remains the same: to offer you the highest level of expert care tailored to your specific needs.


Our Comprehensive Services

Our services are as varied as the clients we serve, offering a wide array of treatments, assessments, and active care options to cater to every individual’s needs. Whether you’re seeking to overcome an injury, enhance your athletic performance, or simply improve your general wellbeing, we offer the latest in science-backed treatments and state-of-the-art technologies.




Massage Therapy

Foot Care

Join Us on Your Journey to Better Movement

At Move Better Physiotherapy + Rehabilitation Centre™, we’re more than just a clinic; we’re your partners in health and performance. Let us guide you through your recovery process, backed by the latest in sports medicine, our in-house sport-science research, and a team passionate about your wellbeing. Together, we’ll ensure you not only move better but live better.

Get back to being your best. Don’t delay. Start down your road of recovery today, with our expert practitioners.

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