The foundation of success is made of good health and fitness. Keep your foundation intact.

~Richard Bucciarelli


It’s time to manage those injuries for good. Get preventative care. Get sports specific active care. Email or call us to book your 1st appointment.

Returning Clients

The Move Better Physiotherapy + Rehabilitation Centre™ is an athletically-minded physiotherapy and active-care clinic, for people from all walks of life. 

We provide leading physiotherapeutic treatment to patients of all activity levels and age groups. We serve professional athletes, youth athletes, and non-athletes who are in need of therapy, rehabilitation and ongoing care. 

We offer a variety of treatments, assessments, and active care options to help our clients get back to pain-free movement and to prevent future injury. Our expert sports physiotherapists get to the root of your pain and injury, so you can recover fully, move better, return to sport, work, or just get back to your normal activities as soon as possible.    

Why Choose us?

Our physiotherapists take the time to properly explain the results of your assessments, giving you the required attention that is essential to understanding the causes of your pain, as well as your treatment options. You will be equipped with knowledge and understanding, as well as tools, stretches, exercise prescriptions, and/or an active care plan to aid you in your journey to recovery.


We strive to get you back to normal as soon as possible. The Speed Training Lab + High Performance CentreTM and our Sports Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation clinic provide the best care using the latest advances in science, sports medicine, our own in-house sport-science research, and state-of-the-art technologies and equipment. 

We believe that anyone who comes to our clinic, regardless of their status as an athlete or not, deserves a high level of expert care.


Get back to being your best. Don’t delay. Start down your road of recovery today, with our expert practitioners.

Functional Assessment

Includes a full assessment of the injured and affected areas + a customized exercise program and treatment plan.  

We will determine the root cause of your pain or injury, and get you started with a plan to help you get back to moving pain free.

Plus or Premium Assessments include: Gait analysis or Vo2 Max. 


Our customized physiotherapy treatments are tailored to your individual needs, including both passive and active care. Our traditional physiotherapy offers you a wide range of treatment methods in our clinic. Active care is also prescribed by your physiotherapist, and is conducted in our High Performance Centre, monitored by our training experts and coaches. 

Chiropody & Gait Analysis

We offer precise and accurate 3-dimensional model of an athlete’s foot while walking and running, and to measure the pressure exerted by the foot during each phase of the gait cycle.

This analysis helps us to develop customized strength and running training plans for all of our athletes, and also assess if they need orthotics.

Orthotics, Massage & Train your brain

Additional services:

+ Concussion Baseline Testing

+ Orthotic Testing

+ Biomechanical Gait Analysis 

+ Custom Orthotics

+ Fitting for Orthopaedic Braces

+ Athletic Taping

+ Massage Therapy 

+ Cognitive Training

+ Concussion Recovery


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