High Performance Centre

At the Speed Training Lab + High Performance Centre ®, we use state-of-the-art equipment, paired with our science-based training programs that are developed for each athlete.

We train all athletes, Professional and Youth. We also train non-athletes who are serious about their fitness goals.

We offer in-centre small-group training (youth), personal training, on-field training (personal and group), and custom training packages for all levels.

Most membership packages include standard assessments.

Performance monitoring packages, using heart rate monitoring, are also available as an add-on to any membership.

where sports meet science ®

Our High Performance Strength and Conditioning Training programs focus on developing 5 Key Areas of athletic fitness:


The ability to produce force. Our training makes muscles bigger, stronger, and more resilient to injury. All our sessions incorporate strength exercises as a form of active recovery between high-intensity treadmill running and plyometric bouts of exercise.


The ability to move quickly. Our training will increase the speed of muscles and movements, including running and jumping, using unique and revolutionary science-based equipment including high-speed running treadmills.


The ability to produce high force, quickly. Our training improves power by challenging the muscles to overcome resistance at high speeds, including incline running treadmill sprints, box jumps, and hurdle jumps.


The ability to sustain high-intensity activity, and to recover between bouts of high-intensity activity. Our training improves athletic endurance through repeated bouts of high-intensity activity, including treadmill sprints and plyometric exercises.


The ability to move a muscle through its full range of motion. Our training improves flexibility through a dynamic warm-up, mobility, and cool-down stretching exercises, which are a standard component of every training session.

Contact Speed Training for more information about our High Performance Strength and Conditioning Training programs.

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