Running Gait Analysis

Running Gait Analysis allows us to identify and correct athletes’ mechanics. Athletes learn where they are making running mistakes or if there are imbalances in their running gait. We offer corrective feedback through video analysis, so we can help you make corrections and improvements.

Using two cameras and Kinovea software, side and front facing, we break down the running mechanics of our athletes from head-to-toe.


As part of our new fitness assessment protocol, athletes will perform a 20-second, low speed jog on our Woodway treadmill. We use the software to capture and isolate two different phases of their run. This will provide the analysis for 4 different areas of focus:

The Stance Phase – when the foot hits the ground

Ankle angle: We are able to see at what angle the ankle is in when the for comes into contact with the treadmill. By finding the angle of the foot relative to the shin, we are able to determine if the angle is optimal for force production.  

Knee angle: We want to determine if the knee is being over flexed or over extended when the foot hits the ground, which can limit the length of the stride and lead to an increased risk of injury when running at high speeds. 

The Swing Phase – when the foot leaves the ground

Hip angle: the hip angle is found using the position of thigh, relative to a perpendicular vertical line from the ground. Having greater hip flexion  leads to a longer running stride.  

Trunk position: determined by finding how much forward lean there is in the torso, which can be seen in a “slouched” posture.  The less forward lean, the longer and more powerful the running stride can be. 

Our advanced running gait analysis will help our athletes to see what their technique looks like and to clearly identify what areas they can improve, and how to make those improvements in training. This allows us to assure that all our athletes run as efficiently as possible — maximizing their performance, minimizing injury. 

Standard Running Gait Analysis is included in all Speed Training programs.

A specialized Gait Analysis Report will be given to each athlete who purchases our Advanced Running Gait Analysis.

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