Nutrition and Wellness


Nutrition and hydration play a major role in ensuring that an athlete from any other sport, performs at their best.  At Speed Training, nutrition and wellness services are incorporated into the program of every athlete we work with. Athletes can purchase a nutritional consultation package as part of their membership.


USANA is the #1 trusted brand of supplements for athletes. It is the ONLY pharmaceutical grade supplement product out on the market.

Athletes bodies are pushed and stressed to the max. While a great exercise program and healthy nutrition can help you avoid injuries, supplementation will help you optimize any areas where you might be lacking. Because of the pressure that athletes put on their bodies, they often require more vitamins and minerals to keep themselves in peak performance.

As adults age, their cellular regeneration slows down. USANA offers vitamins & supplements to improve cellar regeneration, enhance joint function, and keep circulation at its best.

We offer packages for you Youth, Teens, and Adults. LEARN MORE

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