Vo2 Max Test

The Gold Standard measurement of fitness in athletes, Vo2 Max testing determines how efficient your body is at using oxygen to create energy.  

With our state-of-the-art PNOE cardiometabolic testing system, we provide the most accurate, precise and reliable measurement of your endurance, and then we use this measurement to customize your endurance exercise prescription for optimal results.

What is Vo2 Max?

Vo2 Max is a measure of your body’s maximal ability to consume and use oxygen. The greater your Vo2 Max, the better your endurance, and the better you will perform in competition. 

How is Vo2 Max Measured?

With the revolutionary PNOE system, we measure the oxygen content of the air you breathe in and out, while running or cycling.  The difference between oxygen in and oxygen out, is your oxygen consumption. We progressively increase the intensity of the running or cycling exercise, until your oxygen consumption “levels off,” or does not increase anymore. This is your Vo2max! 

Why is Vo2 Max Important?

Vo2 Max is the Gold Standard for measurement of endurance in athletes.  This is because it is a direct, physiological measurement of oxygen consumption, so it it the most accurate measurement possible. 

With your Vo2 Max score, we can prescribe a workout for you that is precisely customized to your current fitness level, which allows you to get optimal results from your training.  The test is highly reliable – so you know that If you score higher on the Vo2Max test, your endurance has improved and your performance will too! 


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