On Field Training

Elevate Your Young Athlete’s Performance with On-Field Training

Our on-field training program, held on our state-of-the-art mini-turf field, is designed to empower young athletes with specialized, coach-led sessions aimed at honing and maximizing every facet of elite performance—be it physical, technical, or cognitive skills.

Here’s what your budding athlete will gain:

1. Enhanced Running Speed and Acceleration
Our training sessions focus on boosting running speed and acceleration, enabling your child to move swiftly and decisively on the field.

2. Improved Coordination and Multidirectional Movement
We emphasize the development of coordination and multidirectional movement skills, helping young athletes become more agile and versatile in their actions.

3. Sharper Agility and Faster Reaction Time
Our program sharpens agility and reaction time, crucial attributes for quick decision-making during intense game moments.

4. Refined Sports-Specific Technical Skills and Ball Mastery
Young athletes will refine their sports-specific technical skills and gain mastery over the ball, enhancing their overall game performance.

5. Unleashed Explosive Strength and Power
We unlock explosive strength and power within each athlete, enabling them to dominate on the field with confidence and strength.

Invest in your child’s athletic journey today with our on-field training program. Watch them flourish into elite athletes, both on and off the field. Join us in the pursuit of excellence!

The program

Our specialized on-field training, designed to boost your young athlete’s performance, is available in both one-on-one sessions or within small groups (2-4 athletes). Our program encompasses:

Sports-Specific Technical Training

Your child will receive targeted technical training tailored to their specific sport, enabling them to master the skills needed to excel on the field.

Field-Based Coordination, Speed, and Agility Training

Our training focuses on enhancing coordination, speed, and agility in the game, ensuring that your young athlete moves with precision and swiftness.

Cognitive Reaction Time & Decision-Making Training

We sharpen cognitive skills, reaction time, and decision-making abilities, preparing your child to make split-second choices during high-stress game situations.

Give your young athlete the competitive edge they need to succeed. Choose our on-field training program and watch them grow into a confident, skilled player. Join us on the journey to athletic excellence!

Accelerate Your Child's Recovery and Performance

Don’t let an injury stop them! Discover our experts at The Speed Training Lab + High Performance Centre ®. From our Registered Physiotherapist to our Chiropractor, Holistic Nutritionist, and Registered Massage Therapist, we’re here to help your young athlete heal fast and stay game-ready. Act now for peak performance!

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