Refund Policy

This website is operated by Speed Training Lab + High Performance Centre (a division of Soccer Fitness Inc.). The terms “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to Speed Training Lab + High Performance Centre. The purchase of packages and memberships at our facility, either through the Athlete’s Portal or in person in our facility, are subject to this refund policy.


Time-based Memberships

We do not offer refunds on unused credits. – Credits are solely used to track your training while allowing you the flexibility to train according to your own schedule.

Our memberships are time-based. Reaching your goals takes regular weekly, or more frequent, training. If you sign up for a 3- or 6-month membership, but you decide not to attend some of your training, we regret that we cannot provide a refund. In a similar fashion, you would not receive a refund if you joined a team but didn’t show up to games, left a summer camp half-way through, joined a gym or yoga studio but never went, or signed up for lessons with the City but decided not to attend, and so forth.


Refunds on never used memberships – Limited Memberships

We recognize that sometimes plans change. If you have not started your training at all, we can offer you a full refund less a 5% administrative fee, IF THE REFUND IS REQUESTED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THE DATE OF PURCHASE.

If you surpass the 30 day grace period, no refund will be issued. 


We recognize that sometimes plans change, life can throw you a curveball, or something doesn’t work for you. Prorated refunds are available on the occasion that the athlete only attended one (1) assessment, or one (1) assessment and one (1) training session, subject to time limitations.

Prorated refunds MUST BE REQUESTED WITHIN 2 WEEKS (14-DAYS) of the athlete’s start date (initial assessment date).

The cost of a prorated refund will be calculated as follows:

The package cost (plus tax), less the cost of a pay-as-you go assessment (plus tax), less the cost of a pay-as-you-go training session (if applicable/used, plus tax), and less a 10% administrative fee on the original package total.

Pay-as-you-go prices are as follows:

  • Assessment = $100
  • Group Training = $60
  • Personal Training = $100

Cancelling Annual Memberships

Annual memberships are offered at a significant savings to our clients. We do this to encourage you to keep up your excellent progress and help you perform optimally all year long. If you sign up for an annual membership, where you pay annually, you are committing to us for a year. There are no refunds.

If you have an annual membership, but you pay monthly, if you wish to cancel your membership, you will be subjected to a three month penalty as a cancellation fee. All cancellation requests must be given with 30 days notice. 

Your membership will automatically renew every year. 

If you wish not to renew your membership for the following year, you must give us 30 days notice before your renewal date. 

Refunds for medical reasons or injury

No refunds. – We regret that we are unable to provide refunds for medical reasons or injuries unless they meet other refund criteria listed above.

As we are a facility that specializes in fitness for athletes, and that also offers rehabilitation programs and training, we encourage all our athletes to continue modified training if injured, whenever possible. Let us know, and we will work out a program for the athlete to prevent detraining. We are happy to take guidelines from your physician to ensure you are safely and effectively returning to play.

If no form of physical activity is possible, then we will accommodate injured athletes by extending their membership for the appropriate time required. A medical note/doctor’s letter will be required for medical extensions. 


We understand that sometimes athletes really want to train with us, but for various reasons their membership expired.

Although we do not offer refunds on expired memberships, if you choose to renew your membership with a new package, as a courtesy and to encourage athletes to be their best, we will add your old unused credits to your new package, including extending the expiry date.


 We do not offer refunds for any other reasons outside of what is listed above. 

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