Soccer Youth PlayerS

Jon Nikkel

Hey Richard,

We received Alyssa’s letter from the OSA today and are very excited that she has been selected for the Fall Try-out Phase for the Regional Team as an under aged player.

Your fitness training (Power Running & Soccer Fitness) has certainly aided in her development and confidence.  Thanks again for all the enthusiasm you coach with.  You really know how to make it fun and get the best out of Alyssa.

Jon Nikkel, Parent, 1997 Girl

Jeff Goodfield

In a nutshell, the program that Richard operates is brilliant.  We have participated in Power Running for 2 years and my children, aged 9 and 5, absolutely love it.  They work hard, gain athletic skills not taught elsewhere, and best of all, their smiles say it all and they can’t wait for the next week.  The support coaches are equally wonderful and this program is highly recommended to any parent.

Jeff Goodfield, Parent, 1999 and 2002 Girls

Tanya and Joe Geraci

Our children, both under the age of 10, have participated in more than 3 soccer fitness programs with Richard Bucciarelli. This program offers a variety of positive attributes toward our children’s better health, which is most likely what all parents seek for their children. It is well structured and organized. Richard Bucciarelli shows great enthusiasm when using his experience, knowledge, and professionalism to create a positive atmosphere. In result gave our children eagerness, willingness and just another something to look forward to every week. As players, it has improved our childrens’ confidence, endurance and strength, and coordination. All which have contributed to a great improvement on the pitch.

Thank you Richard and staff.

Tanya and Joe Geraci, Parents, 1999 and 2000 Girls

Philip Seguin

If you want to see quicker results in your soccer training then I highly recommend the sport-specific training sessions from Soccer Fitness.  My son has been attending 1 hour sessions in a small group for about 15 weeks.  The sessions started out with general agility, co-ordination and strength training and as the group improved the sessions have advanced to more soccer-specific training.

In the last 4 – 6 weeks I have noticed a definite improvement in my son’s abilities on both the practice and game field.  The first thing I noticed was that he is more balanced and moves more fluidly.   Also, he is more consistent in his performance.   I have received comments from some of the other parents about his improvement.

I believe that the small group sessions have allowed my son to be able to absorb more skills from his regular soccer technical training sessions and apply them during the games.

Philip Seguin, Parent, 1997 Boy

John Bertolo

After spending a short time at Soccer Fitness, my son’s confidence in running has increased two-fold. My son became confident enough to try out for the school track team. To his surprise he discovered he was the fastest runner in his grade. This achievement is a direct result of the training provided by Richard.

John Bertolo, Parent, 1994 Boy

Christopher Jaggarnath

When my dad heard about Soccer Fitness he told me, at first I did not want to go because I did not know what it was I thought it will be boring my dad told me to try a few classes. The first class with Richard we did not use much of the ball it was more about fast feet. Over a few classes with Richard I developed speed and agility. Richard made the classes more fun and entertaining as I competed against my friends and myself. I really enjoy coming to Soccer Fitness and I am glad my dad told me to try a few classes.

Christopher Jaggarnath, Player, 1997 Boy

Carlos Nicholls

My son was blessed with good athletic ability and pace. As he got older, I noticed he could not sustain the intensity level required to play soccer at a high level. Since bringing him to Richard, he’s now acquired great strength and stamina to complement his ability and pace and has taken his game to another level through the soccer-specific training he has been receiving from Richard.

Thank you guys.

Carlos Nicholls, Parent, 1993 Boy

Roy Davis

When I first heard about the program at Soccer Fitness, I was curious but skeptical. On a leap of faith, I registered my son, Jonathan, with the hope that his game play would improve.

This has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. In subtle but very effective ways I have seen where Jon’s dexterity and balance during the games has improved. His stamina and speed have increased dramatically and we hope for even greater things as we continue with Richard at Soccer Fitness.

Jon looks forward to the sessions as well as Richard finds ways of making it fun as well as being effective.

Great stuff guys!!

Roy Davis, Parent, 1997 Boy

Minaz Moledina

The training is excellent. It is geared specifically to the athlete’s needs. Richard is very good with the kids. He relates to athletes at their own age level.

Minaz Moledina, Parent, 1994 Boy

Toni Tamburro

That was a good session yesterday. Emily could barely walk from the garage to the front door of the house – I keep telling her that pain is a good thing!!

The reason for my email is to THANK YOU for the talk you had with my nephew. My brother-in-law called me last night after the training session and he told me that his son said that the coach wants me to “start eating more vegetables and other foods so that I can be a stronger player.” He was so happy to hear this from his son. This is exactly what they needed!!!

Toni Tamburro, Parent, 1999 Girl

Lou Iaconetti

After a winter of Richard working with my soccer team, I noticed that by the time our outdoor season started, my players’ strength and stamina had improved significantly. Thanks to Richard and his team for working our boys hard but always keeping it fun.

Richard has been an asset to our team. He is hard working and is very committed to his clients.
Our boys have been getting faster and stronger thanks to Richard and his training sessions.

Lou Iaconetti, Coach, 1996 Boys Team

Georgia Waller

Soccer Fitness has added a new dimension to my soccer and running training. I have really developed my core strength and running technique which has contributed to my speed, agility and endurance on both the soccer field and track. The individualized approach to training has targeted my needs and has helped me to prevent any injuries common to these sports. In addition, the use of different equipment in the training sessions has allowed me to challenge my body and have fun at the same time. The staff is very knowledgeable and they motivate me to be the best that I can be. I am very appreciative of all the support that everyone at Soccer Fitness has given me as a young female athlete!

Georgia Waller, 2000 Girl

Kim Love

I wanted to take a moment to thank Richard, his technical and administrative staff! My son has been training with Soccer Fitness since Feb 2012. As a goalie his fitness level was not as good as he would have liked it to be. Richard developed a program to fit his needs and in this short time his fitness level has already improved. Recently he participated in a 5K run for York Central Hospital – he was the 84th participant to cross the finish line (out of 800 people) and he came in 4th place for boys 12 and under – this is a huge accomplishment – something I truly believe he was able to achieve because of Richard’s program!

Kim Love, Parent, 2000 Boy

Kiki Rego

I had torn my ACL playing soccer and was devastated, which brought me to Richard at Soccer Fitness after my surgery. I can honestly say It was the best thing I could’ve ever done for my knee. Richard and his team helped me gain confidence, strength, and speed in a few short months from my surgery. I never thought I could show such improvement in such a short time. Without Richard, Matija, and Adam’s hard and persistent training, I would’ve never been able to return to competitive soccer with confidence within a year of my surgery. I am so looking forward to working with the team again in the future. Thank you guys sooo much for what you’ve done for me. I won’t forget it!!!!!

Kiki Rego, Women’s Adult CSL Player

Maurizio Paoletti

Dear Richard,
I want to thank you for the training you provided. Your training in 2012 helped us achieve our promotion from “Elite” status to O”YSL”. The team showed significant improvement in speed, agility, endurance and strength which was a contributing factor in winning the Indoor Ontario Cup, 2013. I highly recommend this training for any competitive team. I will certainly use your training again.

Maurizio Paoletti
Head Coach,
North Mississauga 1995 Boys Team

Wayne Patzer

Hi Richard,

I just wanted to share Carolyn’s comment to you.

We went running last week and I talked to Carolyn during one of her 5 minute rest periods and explained that she wasn’t running “in form” and that her trainers are trying to teach her the science of running properly. We talked a bit more about it and she said she would be committed to run the entire next kilometre “in form”. Her fourth kilometre was 4 min 50 sec’s. She cut an entire minute off her run time! She was so excited she wanted to do another one. Her fifth kilometre was 4 min 40 sec’s.

She was so excited to see the difference that she wanted me to tell you how happy she was that your trainers were teaching her how to run properly!

Please let your trainers know that they are making a difference and Carolyn is so happy to be trained by them!

Wayne Patzer, Parent, 2003 Girl

Jameson Holdip


I want to thank you and your team for your training program.

After getting complaints about my lack of speed from my coaches and feeling the same personally, my Dad found out about your program. I was hooked after the first session.

Everyone is noticing my increased speed and better form on the pitch. My Dad says your program is the best investment that he has made towards my development.

I am looking forward to continued progress.

Jameson Holdip, 2000 Boy

Coach Nick Prestinacci

After working with Richard’s program which included 10 sessions and testing, we recorded a significant increase in their strength and stamina. Core training is sometimes difficult to achieve but my recommendation is that the coach is on the field as a participant. It allowed me to keep the players motivated, achieve personal and team goals. Richard’s program is a huge asset that allows coaches to analyze player’s results and help design a program specific to the team’s needs. Our boys have been getting faster and stronger, thanks to this program.

The Team average results with the Yo-Yo test went from 12.8 to 14.6.
The Team Average results with the 35 Metre Sprint test went from 5.84 to 5.64

Coach Nick Prestinacci
(Before and After Power Running – 15Lbs. Weight Lost in 10 Weeks)
Head Coach,
Kleinburg-Nobleton Soccer Club 2000 Boys Blue

Cassadie Andrews

Before going through this program my fitness was a big issue for me. Now I’m an important presence on the field. Soccer Fitness has helped me to achieve a gold medal for my age group in the Uxbridge Charity 10k race. Soccer Fitness not only helped me improve my physical game, but it has also helped me believe in myself and improve my mental game.

Cassadie Andrews, 1998 Girl

Michael Procopio

Richard and the Soccer Fitness Team are fantastic. They have taught me the technique to running properly as well as improving my overall fitness level. I have been going there since March of this year and the difference in very noticeable. I am now able to catch the player and close down the space. They are really good at what they do, and even though you are not the only one there during a session, they make sure each person is working on what they are there for. I am so glad to have joined this program and would definitely recommend it to any athlete.

Michael Procopio
Player, Toronto FC Academy U13 Team

John Moreira

Richard I wanted to thank you and your staff for the GREAT JOB with Josh in the off season.

His elite training has excelled his performance and helped him to compete 1-2 years up at the top of TFC’s Academy in pre-season. Keep up the great work!

John Moreira, Parent of Josh Moreira
2000-Born Player, Toronto FC Academy 1999 Team

Dany and Jeannie Tremblay

A big thanks to Richard and his staff for helping Isabelle with her running performance over the last few months.

Isabelle is competing at the U13 OPDL soccer level and was able to improve her yo-yo score from 15.1 to 16.4, above the U14 Provincial average!

We truly appreciate the time and motivation that is given to each athlete going through the soccer fitness program to help promote continuous improvement in their abilities.

Dany and Jeannie Tremblay, Parents of Isabelle Tremblay
2001-Born Girl, Kleinburg-Nobleton Soccer Club 2001 OPDL Girls

Francesca Del Rizzo

Richard and his staff are dedicated professionals who understand athletes and injuries. I enrolled both my daughters in the strength and conditioning program. My oldest daughter has a torn ACL and they tailored her training to assist in regaining the strength and range of motion lost due to her injury. Even though my other daughter doesn’t have an injury, the program assists in reducing common soccer-related injuries. My daughters’ endurance, speed and reaction time has greatly improved. They look forward to their sessions because they enjoy the physical challenge and are motivated by the positive environment that is created by Richard and his staff.

Francesca Del Rizzo, Parent
Sofia Vozza (Left) 2001 Richmond Hill Girls CGSL
Claudia Vozza (Right) 2002 Vaughan Azzurri Dynamo Girls

Giselle and Rudy Avalos

Rudy and I would like to express how content and pleased we are with the results of the Soccer Fitness program that both Ethan and Aiden have achieved after their 16 week session.

Both our boys have improved in their physical form and running endurance. This has helped them excel in their soccer matches and at school cross for country and track. It’s so amazing to see how the guidance and training they have received has enhanced their performance. Ethan was confident enough to sign up for his school 1500 meter track race and placed 5th. Aiden took first place in boys 200 meter race. We are pleased that your program is available and would encourage more parents to enrol their children to help supplement their personal training and physical well being. Here is a picture of Aiden during one of his soccer matches.

We were so happy with his running form as it reflects the work being absorbed from Soccer Fitness training.

Giselle and Rudy Avalos
Parents, Ethan Avalos (2002 Boy) and Aiden Avalos (2004 Boy)

Katie Knowles

Training at Soccer Fitness has been great. It has allowed me to increase my stamina, speed, and strength. The training has been challenging and fun. The first 8 week session set me up for the outdoor season and in September I will be going back to help build me up for the 2015 season.

Katie Knowles,
Oakville GU13 Midfielder and Keeper

Michael Romano

Richard, thanks for a great job you and your trainers have done with the team. They pushed hard when they needed to and produced results. I believe that physical fitness and training is a life long commitment and we will definitely be back for more training this Fall.

Michael Romano,
Head Coach, King City Royals 2000 Boys

Madison Lazarou

Taking part in Soccer Fitness was an amazing experience! It improved my speed, agility, and strength. The staff were focused but encouraging and had high expectation of all the athletes. I will be back!

Madison Lazarou
1995-born female soccer player

Stella Li

I would like to thank Richard and the Soccer Fitness staff for providing me with the necessities of fitness and strength training that improved my game and took it to the next level. I trained with Richard and his staff from 2011-2012 and saw huge improvements with my strength, speed, and game performance. After stopping for a year, I missed Richard and his staff so much that I came back to work in 2014. They provide an environment where you are monitored all the time and constantly pushed to doing your best, while having fun at the same time. Richard is a resourceful man with extensive knowledge and I respect how he has his research to back up his training programs.

This training can prevent injuries and help push you to the best of your abilities.

Stella Li
1998-Born Female,
Bradford Eagles 1998 Girls OYSL

Andre Vilcini

My name is Andre Vilcini, I am 13 years old. I play for an elite soccer team and one day hope to make the Canadian National Team. It hasn’t been until the last year that I felt I needed an external strength and conditioning program in addition to my team training to keep me in top form. I have been attending sessions there for the past 15 months.

What I have noticed from also being involved in several other fitness programs in the GTA, is that Soccer Fitness takes a science-based approach that uses research to help an athlete train and perform more efficiently. One component in the program focuses on running mechanics . They tweak every part of your form to maximize your running efficiency. During my time at Soccer Fitness, my yo-yo test score has increased significantly from 16.4 to 18.5; and my 35M sprint time has improved to 4.72s from 5.18s in the span of three assessments.

The founder of Soccer Fitness, Richard Bucciarelli, is a former semi-pro soccer player and a kinesiologist. His great knowledge base in both fields plays a big role in every aspect of the training. He and his associates make sure that every aspect of the workout is done properly to help an athlete benefit the most from the program. The staff are always encouraging and motivating the athletes.

I have really been enjoying Soccer Fitness, I feel like my game has improved by 20% through better conditioning. I will definitely keep attending this program as long as I can – coming from someone who who has to travel for 1 1/2 hours each way. I would definitely recommend Soccer Fitness Inc. to anyone who wants to reach their highest potential through fitness.

Andre Vilcini
2001-Born Male
Epic FC

Julie Levin

Hi Richard, we wanted you to know how much we appreciate your efforts with Carly. I really believe that the sprint training she did with you and your great staff played a huge role in her making the Illinois State team! Carly will always remember you!

Julie Levin,
Parent, Carly Levin, 1998-born female,
Illinois Olympic Development Program (ODP) Player

Cindy Barna-Zuzic

Noah trained with Richard and his team throughout the winter at Soccer Fitness. We really noticed a difference in his bursts of speed, and his ability to hold his own against kids twice his size. Having Noah learn about the mechanics of running will help prevent injury as he continues in his soccer career.

Cindy Barna-Zuzic
Parent, Noah Barna-Zuzic,
Oakville Soccer Club 2006-born male

Armando Guido


Thank you for all of your work with Joseph. He loves your program and it’s obviously working as you can see from the results. We have bought more sessions and will continue to do so.

Armando Guido
Parent, Joseph Guido
2005 Boy, ANB Futbol Academy

Ellie Hayes

Hi Richard
I would to like to Thank you and all the Soccer Fitness staff for their time and effort in helping me get to my next level in soccer.

I have been doing soccer fitness for seven weeks and my parent and I have seen a difference already in my speed and stamina.

I have scored goals that I wouldn’t have scored seven weeks ago!!!

I would highly recommend Richard’s Soccer Fitness program to anyone and I look forward to continuing my experience with them to help me advance forward in my soccer.

Ellie Hayes
2000-born female
Aurora Stingers 2000 Girls OYSL

Joshua Simonetta

Hi Coach Richard,

8 months ago before starting training with Soccer Fitness, image
I never imagined that I would get to this level so quickly.

Now I am more confident in myself and am determined to get to that next level with your training and my hard work.

Thanks for your interest in my success.

Joshua Simonetta
2001 Born Male
International Football Club (IFC) Academy

Dylan Polsinelli

Hi Richard,

Training with Soccer Fitness has helped me gain speed in my soccer league along with my technique in running and staying on my toes when I run. This training has also given me strength and endurance. I want to give a big thanks to Richard and all of the trainers at Soccer Fitness for helping me this year. Thank you!

Dylan Polsinelli
2005 Born Male
Futsal Club Toronto (FCT)

Vito Copertino

Hi Richard

I’m not sure how to thank you. Starting back with you 2 years ago I never thought I could have reached the speed and fitness level you helped me achieve to this day. The effort you and your team puts together to help a player reach there goals is incredible.

You have made me a stronger and better player.

Thank you so much and I look forward to continue working with you!

Vito Copertino
2000 Born Male
Toronto Lynx U15 Boys

Soroush Teymouri

Hi Richard,

I wanted to thank you for the training this past year.

It has improved my speed and agility and has really increased my performance.

All the best!

Soroush Teymouri
1997 Born Male
Vaughan Azzurri Soccer Club

Max Kimmel

Soccer Fitness has benefited me in a lot of ways in my soccer performance.

I have been hearing a lot of positive feedback from my coach and other parents on my team.

My strength and speed improved dramatically over 3 months of training sessions. My Yo-Yo test score increased from 16.6 at the beginning to 19.4 after just 10 sessions!

I will continue working hard and move to the next level with soccer fitness.Thank you Richard and all the trainers!

Max Kimmel
2002-born Male
Galacticos FC Academy

Paula Oliveira

Hi Richard,

Thank you so much for all of your help with Elisa’s physical preparation. She has earned a trial with the Portuguese Women’s National U17 Team this Summer. She will be back to you in the Fall.

Paula Oliveira
Parent, Elisa Oliveira
2000-born Female
North Mississauga Soccer Club and Portugal Women’s National U17 Team

Antonio Mainella

I have had exercise induced asthma for about 2 years. It only bothers me during games and it usually starts the first 5 minutes of running. It was frustrating having to get off the field to take my puffer because I wanted to keep playing. I play midfield so I need to run a lot. That’s when it bothers me the most. I never get my attacks during practice, just games.

Since I have been training at soccer fitness, I have had less attacks. I can run faster and can play full games now.

I just played in the FC Invitational Tournament in Michigan, I was able to play 3 full games on a large and I never had an asthma attack.

Antonio Mainella
2005-born Male
ANB Futbol Academy

Darius Rezaei

Before training with Soccer Fitness I did not have much pace, but after two 10-week programs with Soccer Fitness, they taught me how to run properly, how your arms should move and how to take big strides. I noticed a huge improvement and learned many techniques about how to run (“chin to back pocket” and “high knees”) and I have benefited a lot in my games and practices. At first I thought ‘would this really work?’ but now I know that after training with Soccer Fitness my running has improved a lot.

Now when I play I out-run a lot of people.

If I had not moved away to the Cayman Islands I would continue with Soccer Fitness because it really works. Thank you Richard!
Darius Rezaei
2005-born Male
Power FC

Wendy Lebskin

Hi Richard,

I have to tell you this year’s Power Running Series has been a very positive experience for my daughter. She is the one who said she wants to attend again. It has increased her speed on the field as was demonstrated in the tournament we were in this past week end.

The girls are highly motivated so thanks so much!!

Wendy Lebskin
Manager / Parent of Jenna Mendlowicz
Oak Ridges 2002 Girls

Ruben Aguiar

Hi Richard.

I continue to recommend your strength conditioning services.  Mia’s coach has said she is by far the best player a year up, and even wants her to practice with the two year up team.  (So she is a 2006  playing games with 2005’s and practising with 2004’s and 2005’s).

She has said that she learnt a lot at your facilities and that she wants to be the youngest player to ever make the Canadian National soccer team.

Thank you for the 30 sessions with my children. We’ll see you again in the winter!

Ruben Aguiar
Parent, Mia Aguiar
2006-born female, Vaughan Soccer Club

Ethan Sobol

Hi Richard,

I have been in your program since October 2015. I enjoy coming to the sessions because I get to improve my speed and agility. In my games I started winning most of my one-on-one battles.

I can outrun my opponents on offence and defence.

I feel more confident in the games and less clumsy.

Ethan Sobol
2005-born male,
ANB Futbol Academy

David Sobol

Hi Richard,

I have been coming to Soccer Fitness since October 2015. Since then I have improved my speed and am stronger on my feet.

When I race for the ball most of the time I win.

I am faster and more confident with the ball during games. On defence I can catch most of the opponents even if they are ahead by a few steps. On offence I am able to outrun my opponents which gives me more chances to score goals.

I want to thank you and the staff at Soccer Fitness who helped me improve my speed and agility.

David Sobol
2005-born male, ANB Futbol Academy

Nicholas Lo

I signed up for 10 training sessions with Soccer Fitness, in April 2016 and I came first place in School Area Track and Field 100 meters sprint in June.  My soccer coach also commented on how much I have improved.

I am now faster, more confident and have signed up for more sessions with Soccer Fitness.

Nicholas Lo
2005-born male
Unionville-Milliken Soccer Club 2005 Boys

Alex Maadanian

Hi Richard,

I have been training with you since I was 7 years old.  I would like to thank you and the other coaches at Soccer Fitness for challenging me and helping me become one of the fastest players on my soccer team.

Because of you I joined the track team in school and this year I placed 2nd in the York Region finals for cross country!

Alex Maadanian
strong>2006-born male
Markham Lightning Soccer Club 2006 Boys

Amady Riquelme

Thank you Richard and Soccer Fitness for preparing JP for his first season in OPDL.  We enrolled him in your program to help him improve with his speed and we are more than pleased with the results.  You can see a tremendous improvement in his confidence, speed and strength.  I recommend Soccer Fitness to all soccer players and athletes as I can tell you first hand how well the program works.

My son has never before had the speed he has now.

We look forward to his continued development within your program.

Amady Riquelme
Parent, John Paul Riquelme
2004-born male, Vaughan Soccer Club 2004 OPDL Boys


Jessica Giordanella

Hi Richard,
I want to thank you and your staff at Soccer Fitness. Not only am I winning most of my battles and outrunning players on the soccer field, I placed first for the York Region Track meet for 100m and 400m.

My speed and strength has increased tremendously.

The hard work and motivation that your team has provided is showing great results on the field and track.
Thank you so much and I look forward to more sessions.

Jessica Giordanella
2006-born Female
Aurora Youth Soccer Club

Aaliyah Scott

I am so glad that I got the chance to train at Soccer Fitness. It is by far one of the best fitness programs in Ontario and anyone who gets to train there is in for great training.

I chose Soccer Fitness because I needed to work on speed at the time and I thought it was the best program for me. So I chose the speed training course and I got to work with Richard and his world class equipment/trainers.

I had a great experience at Soccer Fitness because I have improved significantly. All the results have really showed on the field. My ability to shake off defenders directly after a 1v1 has improved greatly, due to specific high-speed training. Training at high speeds with the equipment has brought me out of my comfort zone, which has allowed me to push to greater speeds on the pitch.

Although the training was the main part, the staff and athletes I got to work with made the experience be on another level. The staff was very encouraging and made sure that I pushed myself more and more each time I stepped into the facility. There’s no such thing as “too hard for me”, or “skip one rep”. It’s all work once you get going!! Despite the killer work ethic that the athletes are made to have, the atmosphere is great. There is a lot of positivity between the athletes and trainers. But most importantly, Soccer Fitness was so fun and enjoyable!! I looked forward to each and every session I went to!

Lastly and most importantly, Richard is one of the best trainers to work with. His competitive nature, encouragement, and passion for making successful athletes, did not just help me, but helped many other athletes that worked with him. His knowledge on fitness also makes him great since he is able to design a great program for me that helped me succeed as an athlete, on the Canadian National U17 Women’s Team. With his help I’ve been able to have very successful camps, fitness wise. But most of all, he is a fun trainer to work with and I really enjoyed my time with him.

My time at Soccer Fitness was incredible and I really enjoyed it. I’ve seen tremendous fitness and soccer results, which have helped me be successful in the National Program.

Aaliyah Scott
2001-Born Female
Canadian National Women’s U17 Team

Chris Carder

Hi Richard,

Thanks again for your commitment to Alexander’s training.  He has learned a lot already, and I have been testing him every day the different pieces to his running stride (foot contact, knees up etc..).

He scored again last night and now the parents are already asking me how he got so much faster all of a sudden – and I know we haven’t even really gotten started in a big way yet!

Thanks again and we are looking forward to the next training session!

Chris Carder
Parent, Alexander Carder
2007-born male soccer player

Dr. Anil Yadav

Richard Bucciarelli’s  soccer fitness is Toronto’s premier program for those interested in bringing out the best in their son or daughter’s soccer and fitness abilities.  Richard and his team apply scientific methods and the latest in sports technology and research to deliver rapid and significant results.  Their disciplined approach to their workouts in a friendly and approachable manner for participants makes them both rewarding and enjoyable.  To compliment the in house training soccer fitness has also developed an application for concurrent extension of your training at home to continue to further increase gains in speed and agility.

For the level of expertise and commitment from Richard Bucciarelli and his team you will be hard pressed to find a better value anywhere!

Parent, Jayant Yadav, 2004-born male and Arjun Yadav, 2006-born male,
Indiana Fire Soccer Club 

Jennifer Borean

On May 21, 2016, I tore my ACL while playing a soccer game and on June 14, I had surgery to reconstruct it. The first few months after surgery during my recovery, I had a hard time coping with being unable to return to the field for at least 6 months. In October, I began to train with Richard and Soccer Fitness. My time spent training with him allowed me regain all my muscle that I had lost and become even stronger than I was before. The training also helped return to play an official game in February, just 7 months after my surgery. Richard and the staff pushed me to new limits and helped me become both the player and person that I have become today.

In June, I reached the one year mark and I can confidently say that I have no issues with my knee and find myself forgetting that I ever had the injury. I am now the Captain of the girls 2000 Vaughan OYSL team and am one of the fastest players on the field. I am currently continuing to train with Soccer Fitness in preparation for camps and university/college scouting.

Thank you so much for everything you have taught me and for believing in myself in moments of time where I struggled to believe in myself.

2000-born female
Vaughan Soccer Club 2000 OYSL Girls


Dan Wood

Hi Richard,
Just sending you a quick update on Adam: FC Durham does their own Fitness Assessment and it took place this week.

He was #1 in the Beep test for his team and second in push-ups, which is pretty good for a 200 lb kid.

He still needs to improve on his quickness and vertical but things are improving and a lot of the credit I think goes to your Program.
Thank you very much for all your help!

Parent, Adam Wood, 2000-born male,
FC Durham Academy

Joseph and Lucas Lusito

Richard and the Soccer Fitness Crew,

We both would like to say thank you on challenging Lucas on a higher level. Lucas has been with you for 20 weeks now and he looks like a different player.

He is STRONGER, FASTER and more DOMINANT during game play weather it’s in Futsal or Outdoor. I have been told by many, MY KID WILL HAVE, WHATEVER HE’S HAVING” – he’s like MAGIC on the soccer field!

Lucas will continue to be with SOCCER FITNESS as he loves to be there with you and the Crew.

2005-born male,
International Football Club Academy 

Milena Branco

I’ve been training at Soccer Fitness for about 2 months now and feel like I can run faster and win the ball more!

Soccer Fitness is an excellent training centre. I would totally recommend this facility for anyone who is looking to improve their fitness and running skills. Not only is the work out amazing but their staff is so motivating and fun ! If you’re looking to find success in the game that you love, you will find it at Soccer Fitness!

2004-born female
Vaughan Soccer Club 2004 OPDL Girls

Massimo Cataldi

Hi Richard,
I am messaging with regards to the training that my team has been taking part in for the past 8 weeks.
I would like to thank you and your team for what you guys do. There is definitely an improvement in their fitness. I recently spoke to each player individually where I did bring up their program to most of them and if they are enjoying it and feel that they are improving.

Their answers were all the same they look forward to their sessions every week and feel that they’ve improved, they also appreciate the toughness from your team and say that it motivates them to push harder.

Anyways Richard thanks again to you and your team.

Head Coach
Weston Wolves Soccer Club 2005 Boys

Lisa Iaboni

Hi Richard,

I want to thank you immensely for training Lucas using the methodology at Soccer Fitness.

Thank you for guiding Lucas in the right direction regarding his fitness needs, and for helping him achieve success on the pitch through your program. He is running faster and stronger than ever!

I highly recommend this program for any aspiring soccer player!

Parent, Lucas Laviolette, 2008 Boy
Juventus Academy Toronto

Divina Adessa

I have been attending Soccer Fitness since July 2018 and I love it! Although it’s intense, I look forward to attending every week. At Soccer Fitness they drive me to a different level in the workouts so I can strive to do my best. The staff is supportive, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, reliable and lots of fun. They are great at motivating me and I definitely see progress. I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my skills, strength and speed. They have also educated me on injury prevention.

This is one of the best programs and I encourage anyone who loves soccer to try it!

2004-born female
Woodbridge Soccer Club